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On this page you can learn a little about the NRA and its purpose. At the bottom of this page you will find a "link" to the Application Form, where you can print it out and mail it in.

About NRA

The National Rifle Association of America is an organization, millions of members strong, which was founded over 125 years ago, for the purpose of promoting marksmanship skills, as well as the safe and responsible use of firearms.

There is much more to the NRA than the organization depicted on television as fighting against anti-gun laws.

NRA has trained thousands of instructors who teach firearm safety and marksmanship courses throughout the country.

NRA Law Enforcement Instructors train thousands of police officers and sheriff's deputies every year.

NRA sanctions thousands of competitive shooting events each year.

NRA CrimeStrike program works with the legislative and judicial systems around the nation to keep violent criminals off the street and in jail where they belong.

NRA's Eddie Eagle program teaches gun safety to children across the country.

NRA has programs for men and women and children; experienced as well as novice shooters; hunters, competitors, recreational shooters, and citizens who own guns for protection; and even those who don't own guns and don't want to own a gun but want to learn how to avoid becoming the victim of crime. NRA is involved in Hunter Safety and is responsible for the education of thousands of hunters every year. NRA is NRA is involved with Shooter Education and trains of thousands of new gun owners every year.

Regular Membership

The prices shown now reflect a dues sale now being offered by NRA.

A one year NRA membership is $25, a three year membership is $85, and a five year membership is $125. Some simple arithmetic will prove that a five year membership offers the best deal since you not only save $25, but you are not affected by any dues increases for the next five years.

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Liberty Membership

Liberty Membership, also called Associate Membership, has all of the benefits of Regular Membership except that Liberty Members do not receive a magazine and they do not have voting rights for the Board of Directors elections. Liberty Membership is $10 per year and Liberty Life Membership is $250. NRA Benefits | Join NRA Now!

Junior Membership

NRA encourages young people. Junior Membership is a special NRA membership for those 15 and under, and includes a special magazine, Insights, which is oriented toward young people and the shooting sports. Junior Members are not covered by the usual NRA insurance benefits and do not have voting rights. Junior Membership is $15 per year, and includes one magazine choice plus Insights.

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Life Membership

NRA Life memberships are $1000.00 for regular life membership. Junior Life Membership for those under 15 is $550 as is Senior Life Memberships which are for those 65 and over.

The Easy Pay Life program allows you pay for life memberships to be paid in installments, a $25 down payment makes you a Probationary Life Member with the balance being paid in quarterly payments of $25.

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NRA Membership benefits include a monthly magazine, either American Rifleman which is a general gun magazine, American Hunter which is a hunting magazine or the new American Guardian which is oriented toward home and personal protection. Other benefits include $1000 in firearms insurance with additional insurance available at low cost, $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy, a low interest VISA if you qualify, a decal for you car window to irritate the neighbors and a spiffy ball cap. As an NRA member you also have access to the vast resources of NRA for technical assistance, training, legal referals, and legislative information.

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NRA Application - Make sure your Print Setup specifies LANDSCAPE mode.

You can print your own NRA application from right here. The application is an HTML file and can be printed directly from Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer, or any other browser. Make sure that your printer is set for "PORTRAIT" mode, print the form, fill it in and mail it to the address at the bottom of the NRA Application. To help me maintain my records, please send me a brief E-mail when you send in your application. Thanks.

If you have problems downloading the application, please let me know via email and I'll get an application to you another way.

Although I am an NRA Member and Certified Instructor, I am NOT an employee of NRA. Please refrain from contacting me about problems concerning lost magazines, insurance claims, etc.. My only purpose here is to assist new members in joining this worthwhile organization that has worked so hard to protect our Constitutional rights. Please contact NRA directly at (800)NRA-3888 if you have any problems. But if after applying, you haven't heard anything after six weeks, please feel free to contact me, and I will assist you in any way I can.

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